Karpova was founded in 2020 by designer Iryna Karpova in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. The first ideas were recreated here by local craftswoman. Later, the brand moved to Kyiv.  
Delicate 3D appliques and intricate tailoring provide instant recognition of Karpova pieces. 
The principal codes of Karpova brand include clean-lined designs, an experimental outlook on tailoring, and avant-garde cuts. The label’s collections explore the strength of elaborately tailored shapes that speak in favor of female empowerment.
The label’s main product is an apron dress, a versatile piece that re-energizes the spirit and recasts the brand’s imposing elegance with a laidback opulence. This item in a variety of forms is also a feminist statement, as it has been viewed as the only possible female role in society. Now the designer wants to turn things around and presents this sartorial piece as a legitimate clothing for work in the office, or as a one-piece evening look that takes the outfit to the next level.